Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Time.

I've been putting this off for much too long.

However, as I stepped on the scale at the gym this morning, I realized this had gone far enough.

Yes, I have been eating gluten free, and have started switching to healthier ingredients like coconut oil, palm sugar, almond flour, and organic and/or local fruits, veggies and meat. All awesome changes. But, even good foods in the wrong proportions end up being not-so-good. Even though almond flour muffins made with coconut oil and honey are totally healthy, it's probably not the best idea for me to eat several of them throughout the day while sitting on my butt in an office for 8 hours...

So, it's time for a change.

It's time to hold myself accountable.

Now that I know better, I have no excuse.

But, I do need to allow myself some grace. If the good Lord can forgive me, then I sure as heck need to be able to forgive myself! So, no beating myself up, no lamenting over what I should have done last week or last year, no crying over most of the pants I no longer fit into. It's time to be thankful.

Thankful that I know what healthy food is, and how I can get myself back on track. Thankful to live in a country where good food is readily available. Thankful for a totally supportive husband, willing to eat whatever random healthy recipes I might find on the blogosphere. Thankful that I am realizing at this point in my life that its time to make a change. Thankful to God for His awesome power to do it, as there is no way that I could tackle this on my own!

In my devotional time this morning, I read this verse:

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will. - Romans 12:2

I've heard this verse so many times, but this morning it struck me completely different than it has before. It was like God was saying to me: "Listen up Julie. Stop conforming to your society's idea of healthy eating. I've made it obvious to you what foods you should be eating in order to be healthy. Get off the fence and do it! I know you're nervous and doubting that you can do it, but I will give you the strength. I made you just as you are, so trust me to know what's best for you." 

Guess I should listen.

I'll need some marks so that I can see some progress on this journey, so here are some initial goals:

Short term goals:

  • Keep God as my #1 focus
  • Kick sugar to the curb
  • Hold off on the grains
  • Switch to whole foods
  • Eat hormonally-balanced meals every 4-6 hours, and limit snacks in between
  • Add some high-intensity workouts to my normal routine
  • Find some new, fun, active things to do with my husband - rock climbing? ballroom dancing? twister? :)
  • Stop obsessing about food and instead focus my energy on how I can make a positive impact on this world with the one life that I've been given
Mid-term goals:
  • Get stronger - physically, mentally, and spiritually
  • Improve the quality of ingredients that I use - better fats, higher-quality meat, as many veggies and as few store-bought products as possible
  • Grow as many of my own vegetables as I can
  • Fit back into my old pants!

Long term goals:

  • Lose 20 lbs (It would be great to get back down to the weight I was when we got married 5 years ago! But I don't want to become too obsessed with a number on the scale)
  • Get my PCOS under control and hopefully start having normal cycles
  • Raise a healthy family
  • Help someone else along their journey to health
  • Use my life to bring glory and honor to God above all else, and help point others to Christ

Here we go! I'm diving in...

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